SigEp Parent's Club

The Parent's (Mom's) Club is a committee of parents working together to organize activities including  Parent's Day, Mom's and Dad's weekend(s). The group was formed to keep parents connected with house intiatives.  They assist with fundraising to help the men with house expenditures including copier/printer lease maintenance, finals week food and snacks, and cleaning supplies (vacuums, sweepers, etc.).  Newly introduced in 2015 are monthly Sunday  night pizza parties for all the men including those living off campus.  Please share any thoughts or suggestions on funding priorities and getting involved in supporting the Fraternity  2016-17 by contacting Molly below.   Mom's weekend is slated for Saturday April 9, 2016.


2015-2016 Officers

President:                                                 Molly Hilderhof   (

Vice President:                                        Sally Cline 

Secretary / Treasurer:                           Judy Bolton

Mom's Weekend   APRIL 9, 2016:        Pam Miller

Dad's Weekend:                                      Tom Feiden

Communications:                                   Michelle Wilson

Parent's Day:                                           Sharon Henes